Saturday, August 15, 2009

Who I Am, Why I Am

Name: Ed
DOB/Age: October 5, 1971 (37)
Status: Single for as long as I can remember.
Location: New York City
Career: Unemployed
Achievements in Life: A completed novel, a sexy college romp entitled "Semesters" even though a friend told me nobody wants to read novels about college.
Goal: To get a job, get the novel published so I can one day visit Paris again.
Is any of this realistic? At this point, I'd say no.
Realistic goal: Get rid of the annoying rash on my left arm.
Really? That's it? That's all for now. This rash is really itchy.
Okay, once you get rid of the rash, then what? Master the Art of French Cooking.
And if you can't even do that? Chef Boyardee.


  1. Thanks Ed. So happy you're blogging - and love how you talk about being "late" to the party. Although, I tend to think, no party really starts until you arrive. So, welcome!!

  2. Thanks, Alice! You were the first commenter on my blog! Yay!